Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I call 1-900-263-2300?
A female voice recites your 5 digit Password.
Turn down any music or room noise so you can hear it.
Listen carefully for your Password, and write it down.

What appears on my phone bill?
A one-time charge of $20 appears on your bill as "Web Access".

What is my Username?
Your Username is: MEMBER

What if my Password doesn't work?
Be sure you have typed your Username and Password in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

What if I lose my Password?
Write it down where you won't lose it.

What if I can't find where I wrote down my Password?
Write to

Do I need to download any special software, or do anything complicated?
No. If you already have Netscape 2.2 or newer, you already have everything you need. If you don't, you can download Netscape here.

Will this work with Microsoft Internet Explorer?
No. Internet Explorer will not work, just as it does not work with most other types of adult video. It's worth the trouble therefore to get Netscape 2.2, Netscape 3.0, Netscape 4.0 or newer.

Does this require any plugins or anything else?
No. It just requires Netscape 2.2 or newer. Then just point and click!

How large are the video images?
The viewing screen fills the screen. As far as we know, they are the largest on the net!
The softcore sample images are the actual size of the HARDSEX videos.
The hardcore sample images are so hot they require age verification.

How long does it take for the videos to download?
It depends on your connection and your modem, but even a 14.4 will produce good results. VIDX Cinema Theater starts streaming almost immediately and continues indefinately. HARDSEX Cinema Theater allows you to watch one sequence while it automatically downloads the next sequence. Thus if you watch them in sequence, you can begin viewing immediately.

Does my password work immediately?
Yes. As soon as you hang up the phone your password will work.

Where do I enter?
Click on any button or Member's Entrance link and you will see the following password request:

Enter Your Password

Type: MEMBER in the User Name box.
Type: your Password in the Password box.
Be sure you typed everything in ALL CAPS and then press "Enter".

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