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Having kickstarted a whole new era in porno, the girls of The Dungeon now embark on LIVE-SEX extravaganzas on the Net! With the best beaver-licking babes on board, The Dungeon of Desires promises to be the steamiest slit-fest ever. These veteran vixens and biker beaver babes are ready to raunch!

Naked and absent-mindedly she plays with herself waiting for her next playmate. It's an intoxicating cream dream cum true, and here they all are simmering in their sexual juices.

A little one wanders by in high heel pumps and long sheer gloves and nothing else. Soon they're comparing pussy lips and touching each other. You can smell the sweet scent of sex in the air as it drifts toward you.

A trio of patent leather outfits wander by with their pussy lips pouting out. They think it's really hot that the youngest one is a little shy, and one of them adds that it's because they're all such sluts that makes the new girl in the lace gloves seem the least bit coy.

They can be soft and sweet, teasing and playful, and the next minute hot and cold and downright nasty! Now they take the stage and the wild women of the Dungeon are greasing up their fingers and getting off on the grinding beat of music from the sound stage.

Jackie is bound and gagged and strapped into a leather harness and choke collar. Mistress Vicki is mad for her crease. She's fingering her little black bung hole now and spreading jell up her shute to get it ready for something real horny. Strapping on a big black dildo, Vicki bends her over and eases it. Jackie spreads her legs wide and lifts her ass as high as she can to try to take the giant ramrod up her ample ass. Vicki rams it home and Jackie's eyes pop as it splits her wide open. Her screams are muffled as she strains against her bonds and trys to catch her breath as she chokes on her gag.

Janet leans against the wall and braces for the taste of the whip as Samantha canes her. She arches her back and thrusts her ass out to meet the sting of the caning. Samantha makes her beg for more, and Janet cries out as the switch leaves it's mark across her sweet ass.!

Julie is frigging her glorious cunt. Samantha is off to one side getting naughty with a prominently strapped latex dildo, when out of nowhere another black dildo appears. Donna straps it on and enters Suzanne with a shudder. Donna is jousting her new charge and we're off on a race to an orgasm. Christine is dressed in full latex and holding her own dildo in one hand and a riding crop in the other.

Suzanne is shaking now with Donna pumping her from behind and it's all too much for Samantha. She greases up her clear latex dildo and plows it up Christine's blonde pussy.

Julie is still frigging herself and watching from the sidelines when Tonya lifts her up against the wall. Tonya stands six feet tall and loves to dominate little girls. She thrusts her fingers up Julies snatch and sucks hard on her tits. Tonya's overwhelming sexuality and Julie's eager to please attitude brings Julie to a climax in a matter of minutes.

Tonya is still burning with desire and pulls little Julie down to her snatch. Pulling back her hood, she guides Julie's tongue down to her swollen clit, and Julie licks it eagerly. Tonya rocks back and forth over Julie's face and is about to cum when Samantha sees her opening. Sam rams her clear latex dildo up Tanya's dripping cunt. Tanya shouts in pleasure at the surprise attack. Underneath little julie is furiously licking at Tanya's clit. Sam slips a finger in Tanya's tight ass and slips another up her own tight backdoor. Glistening with sweat Tanya lets out a roar as she cums and Sam rips off the dildo to sit on Julie's lapping tongue. A roundhouse orgasm fills the air as they all reach the big O together.

Nina has pierced nipples and needs rough sex to climax. She submits to the other girls and actually begs them to abuse her. They cuff her and tie her and strap her arms behind her back. They tie off her tits and hoist her into the air as she screams sharp yelps of excrutiating pain. The girls move with a symphony of sexuality that is so beautiful to watch. They circle around her and move as if in some erotic ballet back and forth, stroking their pussies and watching her sweet agony. Nina whimpers softly and breaths more heavily with every sigh. Michelle grabs the chain pierced to her breasts and pulls her forward until her face is forced into Michelle's hot steaming pussy. Nina laps at her cunt as Michelle screams at the trussed up little cunt-lapper.

A petite figure appears dressed in a full skin tight suit of shimmering black rubber. Heading for Drew, she grabs her by the wrist and tightly binds her hands together. Over the beam and up into the air Drew is left dangling. The anonymous figure licks her all over from Drew's beautiful long legs up to her shaved naked snatch. The dark figure's pink tongue is the only feature showing in the slender black silhouette. Long wet tongue lashes are left glistening up Drew's legs and sides. They get off with a combo of fingers. tongues and dildo action that has Susie rushing to join them.

Kim and Toni now turn on shy little Laurie with the golden blonde locks and the hairless pussy lips. Kim holds her back and Toni instructs her in matters sapphic with a slurp session for the record books. With a bare little pussy as perfect as Laurie's how can anyone resist? Kim and Toni look almost identical making for an ironic sexual twist. One in white, the other in black, they're a dizzying dyke duo who can't keep their hands and tongues from each other.

Preparing for their back alley girl get down are European porn queens Natasha and Erika. Preened in latex and a black leather affair, both have dildo harnesses constructed into their outfits, and you can't help but notice that despite all the stylized production glitz and automatic cameras, these two girls respond when they're let loose. They play to the cameras and they're captured at their most honest. When the dildos pop out and pop in, as it were, this is the real thing!

The Dungeon leaves props lying around and lets the viewers decide when penetration should take place. Put beautiful women in gorgeous outfits in kinky scenarios and all one has to do is make sure the cameras are turned on. The sweat-drenched sexuality of a Dungeon of Desires production makes you feel like a Peeping Tom. These are kinky, reality-based sexual performances with every type of domination, submission and fetish.

The two Euro-sluts can't seem to get enough pussy and ass action. Erika face-fucks her maid-for-pleasure pussy Samantha. The girls are magnificent and truly hot. Erika and Natasha now turn their attention to Samantha who is standing over them and spreading her pussy lips wide for them to see. Erika straps on a dildo mask and lets her have it up her swollen pussy. Natasha not to be outdone, stuffs her face up her crack and gives her ass a regal tongue reaming. Samantha grabs her tit and leans back for the ride. With Erika face-fucking her pussy and Natasha tongue-fucking her tight ass, it's only moments before she moans in ecstacy. Kinky cooze cums in twos!

Julie and Kim are leading the troupe now and Tanya peels for action. Kim is warming up Julie with a Sapphic altar of slit-slurping sexuality! Tanya straps on a snap-on face schlong and reams it up little Kim who is bent over Julie and spreading her asshole wide for Tanya's massive dildo mask.

These scenes would stand on their own in any porn production, but when you experience it live, the sexuality is something quite a bit more erotic. While you can be content to witness some of the best S&M, Kink, Bondage, Domination and girl-girl action of all time - you are also part of the action witnessing it as it happens and even helping to direct the action by computer.

You may have seen alot of porn in your time, but after you see the Dungeon live - you'll know it's an erotically charged ride you won't want to miss!

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